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loan cost and terms

BestChoice123.com loan amounts

The minimum initial loan amount is $300.00. The maximum loan amount is $2,500.00. Please note, first time borrowers can only be qualified for up to $1,200.00.

loan terms

Your 1st loan payment will most likely be due on your next pay date that falls at least 7 days away. If your next pay date is less than 7 days away, your due date will be on the following pay date.

cost of your loan

The finance fee charged for your loan will be clearly disclosed to you in terms of the dollar amount of interest and the APR according to the principles of Federal Truth in Lending law and regulations. For details on the specific rates/fees of your loan, please see your loan agreement. Late fees and non-sufficient funds/returned item fees might apply as described in your loan agreement. An example of the Total of Payments (including finance fees) is provided in the sample payment schedule available by clicking here.

Please Note: You always have the option to pay the loan off in full with no pre-payment penalty. In fact, BestChoice123.com encourages the accelerated reduction of loan principal to reduce the total number of payments made by the customer, thereby reducing the overall cost of credit.

due date

Your loan payments are due on your following pay date, unless your pay date happens to fall on a weekend or holiday (your actual due date will be on the business day either before or after as you specified on your loan application). Note: You must notify us at least 2 business days prior to your due date if you choose to change your payment amount. The installment payment per your schedule will be paid on the scheduled pay dates. After the schedule has been completed on time then your loan would be paid in full. You may be sent reminders via email outlining your due date options prior to your due date

We strongly encourage principal reduction and early payment to reduce your finance charges.

funding timeframes

Applications processed and approved before 5pm EST Monday - Friday are typically funded on the next business day.

late / nsf fees

If a payment is not made by your due date, you will be subject to additional fees. If a payment is returned because there are insufficient funds, or your payment is dishonored by your financial institution for any reason, then you will be assessed an NSF fee of $30.00.

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